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Hydraulic press for wooden frames

Hydraulic press for wooden frames.

About the Client

The client is a manufacturer of wooden frames, pallets and other wooden constructions, located in Netherlands.

Business problem

The client built wooden frames by hand. Workers pressed the wood clamps in manually, which resulted in long production times and inconsistent quality of the frames.

The long production time per frame and inconsistent quality made large batches a challenge for the client. 

The Challenge

Reducing production time is mainly done by making operations easier and quicker for the workers. Developing and producing a machine capable of this, while being safe and reliable, was the main challenge.
Additional challenges were making the machine cost effective, relatively small and easy to maintain. 

Our solution

A custom designed hydraulic press with adjustable mounting points for different frames.
The press is operated by two workers which load, press, and unload the frames together in a consistent workflow.
Sliders on each side of the pressing table provide easy and quick loading of the planks in the right configuration. 

Results & Benefits

The press was tested and delivered to our client in short time. Production time of one frame is reduced from 55 to 29 seconds. 

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Henk Vos
Managing director
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